INDIA 2017

In 2017 RubyConf India is going to be at God's own country, Kerala!, Welcome!

Le Meridien, Kochi. 27-29 January 2017

About RubyConf India

RubyConf India is a global event complementing other RubyConf events across the world.

This year our event is a 2 day, single track event focused on Ruby Language, Framework and Tools. While we welcome all kinds of talks, we would love to have more talks around Ruby and experience reports around big data with Ruby.

Our CFP is closed now and we are lining up speakers from well known international and Indian Ruby community.

Student Scholars: Please submit your applications for attending Ruby Conf India. See more details on the student scholarship page.

Note: The conference is entirely in English.


Our CFP is closed now and we are reviewing the proposals. We will announce the speakers soon.

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Elle Meredith


Elle works at thoughtbot as a developer. She has been building websites for over a decade. Since 2007, those websites have been in Ruby. She was a Ruby Australia committee member, an organiser for Ruby Conf AU 2014, and Rails Girls Sydney events. This year, Elle was a co-organiser for GORUCO 2016 conference and Rails Camp USA East Coast. She also runs women’s work jelly events at thoughtbot’s NYC office. When she is not immersed in the Ruby community, she is probably immersed in water.

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Richard Schneeman


Richard "Ruby Hero" Schneems writes Ruby at Heroku, maintains, and co-organizes Keep Ruby Weird. He is in the top 50 Rails contributors and is an accidental maintainer of Sprockets. When he isn't obsessively compulsively woodworking he writes such gems as Wicked, and derailed_benchmarks. Schneems wants you to have a nice day.

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Yukihiro Matsumoto


Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto is a programmer, and the creator of the Ruby language. He works for many open source related organizations and companies, e.g. NaCl inc. in Japan, Heroku and Ruby Association. Since his real name is difficult for non-Japanese speakers to pronounce correctly, he uses the nickname Matz on the Net. Matz spoke at RubyConfIndia 2016.



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