INDIA 2016

This year RubyConf India is going to be at God's own country, Kerala!, Welcome!

Le Meridien, Kochi. 19-20 March 2016

About RubyConf India

RubyConf India is a global event complementing other RubyConf events across the world.

This year our event is a 2 day, single track event focussed on Ruby Language, Framework and Tools. While we welcome all kinds of talks, we would love to have more talks around Ruby and experience reports around big data with Ruby.

We are lining up speakers from well known international community. Please don't forget to submit your RFP here. RFP closes on 18th Jan 2016.

Note: The conference is entirely in English.


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Yukihiro Matsumoto


Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto is a programmer, and the creator of the Ruby language. He works for many open source related organizations and companies, e.g. NaCl inc. in Japan, Heroku and Ruby Association. Since his real name is difficult for non-Japanese speakers to pronounce correctly, he uses the nickname Matz on the Net.

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Charles Nutter


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Laurent Sansonetti


Laurent is the founder of HipByte and the original developer of RubyMotion. He worked at Apple for 7 years as a senior software engineer, on both iLife and OS X. At Apple, he maintained the Ruby distribution of OS X and also created the MacRuby project. In a previous life, he worked on IDA Pro and was an active contributor to RubyCocoa and GNOME. Laurent lives in Liège, Belgium.

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Katrina Owen


Katrina accidentally became a developer while pursuing a degree in molecular biology. When programming, her focus is on automation, workflow optimization, and refactoring. She works primarily in Go and Ruby, contributes to several open source projects, and is the creator of

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Sarah Mei


Sarah Mei is the Chief Consultant at DevMynd in San Francisco, and has been writing software since before the internet had cats. She teaches classes on object-oriented design and testing strategies, is an expert pair programmer, and speaks and writes about code, architecture, and teams. Sarah is also well-known for her non-profit work, including currently with Ruby Central, RailsBridge, Bridge Foundry, Ruby Together, and Long Distance Voter. When she’s not live-tweeting action movies, Sarah works with teams to improve their processes around code and, inevitably, people.

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Zachary Scott


Call me zee zak. Committed to ruby, rails, sinatra, mruby and mruby-cli; likes cats, ramen, and 日本酒. Made in Vermont, shade-grown and organic.


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